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The KoN Pantheon

The forces of nature were the first objects of fascination, at least, which ushered Man’s devotion to their wrath and terror. The beginnings of time, The entire cosmos plunged into darkness, unleashing a chaotic expanse of nothingness. There in the raging silence and invisibility only one god evoked his all-encompassing power… This self-generating god made love, gave birth, was unpredictable in all sense, and fought his divinity with, often, cruel incarnations of himself.

Elomind, Maker of the Universe,
The essence of his duality, as both half-man and half-woman, produced two opposing forces (offspring) in the entire cosmos. Elo (pronounced as 'e – 'lO) means The Eternal Wind and Mind (read as 'min) refers to the “invisible animating principle or entity which occupies and directs the physical body.” The two offspring were Merathor and Nosferi. Elomind symbolizes the primordial forces of nature and the vast cosmic realms are their temples.

Merathor, God of Light, Sun God, Meresol, God of all Things and Beings. Original name: White Lord
Making up the major deities, as one of the two First Generation of Gods, of Hesperune, Merathor was responsible for introducing the sun (and was aptly termed, “He Who Gives Light”) in the darkened world of his parents, Elomind. He is a famed Hesperunian deity, bathed in glorious bright lights around his hands. He is the first-born son of Elomind, Maker of the Universe and a half-brother of Nosferi, the Goddess of Oblivion (Lady of Scourge).

Nosferi, Goddess of Scourge, Lady of Oblivion, Black Lady, Null Demoness
A major deity (the other First Generation of Gods), she was the talented and courageous, but mistrustful daughter of Elomind who fell in love with the lower god of the Waters of Doom named Aquar. She was jealous of her brother, Merathor who gifted the Cosmos with the Sun, she decided to outclass him. She created the Earth and its peoples. Unlikely for a suitor and a future partner for her daughter, Elomind punished the Eternal Water-Bearer Aquar. The Maker of the Universe demoted him into a lesser avatar by transforming him as the waters of the earth. Unrepentant, Nosferi took vengeance by poisoning his brother, Merathor with Invertia, a cupful of Aquar’s poisonous tears (which tore one third of the heavens upon his fateful descent). The plot, however, was unsuccessful. Elomind knew her wicked machinations from a distance. She was equally punished with her doomed lover, Aquar, to the Earth. Her entire dominion was to partake of her creation forever.

She is represented as a smiling goddess with curvaceous hips, flowing reddish hair, and with one eye closed. Her eight waving arms, holding grasses (foliage), feathers, scales, bones, a scythe, a cup (which is suspected to contain her poisonous wrath of Invertia), a mask (a shape-shifting beauty to a hag), an inverted balance. She has a large number of followers; her religious center, where pilgrims flock once a year, is located at the Lake City beside the temple of Mortave, Bird-God of Death.

Achreo, God of Bountiful Harvest
He was called, “He Who Dances the Winds,” indicating his passionate and genial ways with Elomind, he was solely entrusted to care the good earth and its bounty. He was elevated to the status of a major god by his grandfather. Apparently, Achreo was the offspring of the doomed lovers, Aquar and Nosferi. He was raised in the mythical rivers of Sayard, the alleged Secret Garden of her parents, in Foldstone. Achreo was also a God of the Hunt, and is represented with an antelope headdress. Despite a love child, he was adopted by Elomind. Achreo’s temples, mostly built by farmers and fishermen, are called Ar-Ine-Dae. With festive dancing and celebration, his devotees usually erect shrines or stone offerings at the first rain of the first month after the harvest seasons. Most of all, he gave the Earth and its people, the Peanut Butter!

Aquar, God of the Waters of Doom
The energetic, but former Water-Bearer (“He Who Embraces the Waves”) was a secret creation of Elomind. He was stripped off his birthright when his mother (the other half of Elomind) knew of the chaotic force he wielded. Directionless and often chaotic in power, he is represented as a disembodied tyrannical god with a dark blue fire trapped within a black gaping hole above his head. The Ocean of Fire is the most fearsome waters, raging with eternal fire night and day; in all the lands of Hesperune. It is where Aquar lives. He tops first in the list of minor deities.

Strata or Heofon, God of War
Another dual force, but a minor deity, he was referred to as these epithets: “Burdened Goddess of Skies” and the “Gatekeeper of the Waters of Doom.” When Elomind punished Aquar, he immediately created a thick blanket upon the Earth to protect Aquar’s expected escape to the Cosmos, the domain of his parents. Heofon, as the name suggests, “heavens,” was represented as a standing god with beard and hair made of glass. He or she is often seen wearing kilts made of dandelion or wings of an albatross. He carries strands of cords raised on the right hand and a pikestaff thrusting downwards symbolizing the inevitable link of the mythical struggle between the separation of waters and the heavens from the earth. He was, in general, worshipped as the God of War in Longshard. Some of his followers introduced him to Navage predating Archoane.

H’rakot (pronounced as "Hhh-ra-KOT"), The Inscrutable God of Secrets.
In other lands, he is generally referred to as “God of a Thousand Names and Secrets.” Known by the following known epithets as “Warden of the Darkling Sky,” “The Wakeful Eye,” and “The Yawning Twilight,” little is known of this
baffling god and his divine origins. H’rakot’s symbol is the perfect circle. He is also called as The Wanderer for he listlessly roams over the lands in the guise of an old man. He is a neutral god, perplexing the Maker of the
Universe with his apparent indifference over the affairs of the cosmic gods. However, he can be tricksy and playful. His amoral nature is perceived as cruel at times, but for those who have the wisdom he is considered beneficent.

Aseri, Demon Goddess of Rebirth
She is depicted with three knives jutting from each of her hands, instead of fingers, raising them upwards as a means of supplicant or discord to her father, Elomind. She is also referred to as the Goddess of Magic when she gave birth to a “fire-breathing bird-of-prey.” Even if she is regarded as a minor deity, she is the vengeful result of Elomin’s incarnation, when Mind (the mother Maker of the Universe) knew of Aquar’s birth.

The Eye of Mylt, God of Vengeance and Retribution
This incorporeal deity became a God of Vengeance and Retribution and meted out the divine punishment at Nosferi when she joined forces with Aquar to defile the Earth and created man’s greed and other forms of vile machinations. He sought the council of H’rakot first, but failed in his bid to locate the Old Man of the Mysteries and, instead asked Elomind’s favor of his plans. A man with the piercing eyes of a lion, as his earthly symbol, the Eye of Mylt is the offspring of Strata and Heofon, the two in one God of War. His cult center is in Glimpseby. He is one of the minor deities.

Vessard, God of Music and Celebrations
A minor deity, Vessard is the patron of artisans, jugglers, singers, dancers, the music, the dances, the arts, and the rituals. He is a very ancient deity who ascribed the other dual half of Elomind to appease the raging Eternal Wind when Merathor created Light to separate it from Darkness. In his creative powers, he produced the wind instruments to lure the male half to a deep slumber while the female half gave birth to Aseri. His symbol is the square with a spiraled flute inside.

Mortave, the Bird-God of Death or Morech
He was the primordial force, created by Nosferi when she attempted to kill her brother Merathor with Invertia. Mortave is depicted as the skull of a dead crow. Despite his minor status in the pantheon of the Lands of Hesperune, his deadly powers helped Nosferi create the defiled creatures of the Earth. He sometimes acts as a treacherous conspiring force against The Eye of Mylt, God of Vengeance and Retribution. His shrines abound in Telnym, Pristinerage, and in the Lake City.

Denom, Lord Jackal, Dragon God, Darkull
He is Aseri’s only child. He is the progenitor of wild, exotic beasts and dangerous fowls of the earth. He is depicted as a diminutive, crouching skeletal remains of a lizard-like beast. He is the least of the deities.

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