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Staff of Gingerblight: Excerpts and Adventure Synopsis

Race to the Isle of I’hlsa
(Adventure synopsis with Raziel)

Raziel arrives in Covenwick, from months of sea travels. Rides another boat, the Vessel of the Vassals, and travels to a faraway island-peninsula.

On the high seas, Raziel eyes another oncoming boat, draped with flags showing red knives; apparently, a chance encounter with pirates and cut-throats. The vessel in which Raziel took had a captain in dirty white turban, barking loud orders, "Men ready yourselves. They're here again." He glances at Raziel, "Red daggers! Cut-throats! They want another loot!"

Raziel retrieves his long sword and his poisoned kukri knife, prays a little chant to Bello. He waits at the glaring heat of the afternoon sun. He waits for a bloody metal-to-flesh, ripping spill.

The other boat's sail wavers, flapping wildly about. The oncoming boat's thick hull rams into the Vessel of the Vassals, crashing and creating one gaping hole from within. Then, from the hull's body, tiptoeing through the thudding gangplank, came four men with red tunics and turbans with the criss-crossing Red Daggers insignia. Skirmish ensues.

They engage fight with the men. Some threw themselves overboard for fear.

Raziel fights single-handedly against the Red Daggers. He cuts down the man to his right and notices the ruse of the captain's eyes. It was a blood-curdling moment as he saw the rogue captain walking calmly to the other ship, greeting the Red Dagger captain with a "hey-dee-hoe!" as they tug, with their hands, simultaneously at their whiskers.

As Raziel gazes his eyes, sharp as his kukri, on his charging opponent, rage unsheates in his dilations, on the rogue captain and the three men following after him. Suddenly, Raze walks towards the gangplank (to his right; the main hull is to his left standing underneath), towards them, a guy cuts through his path from the right, zigzags his own sword, altogether in a fit of fear and gallantry combined -- right towards Raze's chest, but he quickly dodges the puny strike --

... charging and threatening with his knife, Raze, with one final blow of his kukri, slashes upwards the man's Adam's apple; a fresh virulent bloodgush flowed from it. With equal footing to his left, he spins a right sweep with his long sword to block the two men's knives now plunging at his chest...

Raze swathes his long sword to the two men, cutting across their swarthy bellies. But the guy, from the middle, attacks him with a blow right on his Elven shoulder. He trips off, and he instinctively ducks at his faltering step...

The bearded man (behind the first guy who attacked Raze) charges with his long sword, edges to Raze's belly with his two hands, the latter parries the attack, in an underhand upswing.

The point of the kukri catches him at the groin and continues it upward, slashing in a follow-through motion.

The men behind Raze, apparently the remaining oarsmen -- about seven of them, Raze didn't see the rest including the master oarsman, shudders at the sight of his "atrocity," stands pale and freezes in one corner... swords dropped, mouth gaping... The Red Daggers crumbles to the ground just as the last swish of Raze's upward motion of his deadly kukri, feet in L-stance, waits for one slight move.

Vessel of the Vassals was holding too much seawater, from the earlier ramming of the Red Daggers boat.

Raziel engages the rogue captain and the pirate captain of the Red Daggers. He defeated them and he asks a lanky guy, named Sharky, a page of the rogue captain to guide him towards the nearby island. Raze sees a map and he points it, for the boy to guide the ship, to the Isle of I'hlsa.

Darkness clawed helplessly across the skies, forming like an ominous dragon's talons. He was bleeding profusely from the fight.

Raze arrives at the lone wharf of I'hlsa. It was raining hard. Raze loses track of Sharky. Catamarans swaying abruptly by the sudden gush of wind, on one wooden port, he sees, from the corner of his eyes.
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