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RPG: The Kingdom of Navage

(from the Lands of Hesperune)

7/4/05 01:35 pm - zetweaker - Hilarious Quips / Famous Outtakes of KoN (Chapter 2)

Allow me to short cut my way in from the blog doldrom. Here are some of our in-game silly remarks while playing the Kingdom of Navage (KoN). These lines were taken from June 25 and July 2 sessions subsequently.

1. "C'mon that's easy. They're just twenty-four of them."
(Semirys whooping up everyone's morale -- to bravery and beyond! -- upon seeing 24 heavily armed men, including their two captains, from the hillsides.). grimweaver plays Semirys.

2. "My magical stick is unbreakable!"
(Araemat taunting his opponent with his resizable twig, growing into a quarterstaff during actual combat. The enemy wields two broad swords ready to slash him.). willower plays Araemat.

3. "Ok, this I'll do: I'll release my power, that blinding streaks thingee at them, then... wait! Wait, Storyteller! I'll hide first behind Semirys' back!"
(Naepynth having blatant ramifications.). musidora plays Naepynth.

4. "It's a queer moon!"
(Semirys trying to convince everyone after seeing a last quarter moon that looks like a dragon's smouldering red eye, peeping in and out of view in the dark clouds.).

5. "Oh, look! It's a drag-on!"
(Justin the Palladin reacts after he hears a loud, discordant flapping and swooshing of mountain-sized wings overhead.). roma0428 is Justin of Longshard, the Palladin.

6. "This is a kick-ass undead!"
(Storyteller automatically claiming the singled-out "zombie" after its likes were scorched by Myrrhin's firepower. Call it "last undead standing!").

7. "If I can know the name of the dragon, can I control it?"
(Myrrhin trying to flirt the Storyteller. A-ha!). Ex-nigatsukodomo is Myrrhin.

8. "Can I make the zombie cough?"
(For lack of a greater spell needed to overcome the throng of the town's undead, in Tiamash, Semirys attempts to control the desperate situation.).

9. "Can I throw fire at the fire-breathing dragon?"
(Araemat sincerely asks and gathers enough convincing information from the group.).

10. "I run. And run. Since the horses don't like me."
(It was very dark in the plains. The remaining Legion of Life spotted a humanoid, however, larger-than-life human in form, breath and bent, running in the gloomy landscape whilst carrying the lantern enough for them to track, wherever he goes; till that larger-than-life humanoid pants in exhaustion.

Six-foot-seven-inches tall Bardonna the Barbarian, from the noble Horim's Tribe, however, accepts his inevitable fate in the darkness catching up his party, fleeing and galloping on their horses.). codevx is Bardonna (name taken from grimweaver's hapless neologism for a 'Barbarian Madonna.').

Plus this incomparable bonus. Nobody beats this:

Naepynth ultimately, with pride, sheer belief and without error, shouts the incantation, finally -- "Book of Immigrants!" -- while shoving and uncontrollably shaking the magic artifact to the hearth, to activate the exit magic words from the THAWROFNAL (Tower of Null in the Boulder of Truth). The troupe watched at her, at the supposed artifact, at each other, then back to her, in amazement, as nothing significant took place, REALLY!, after she uttered those words. Then she wields the Staff of Gingerblight and whirs it around her head.

Nothing happened.

Instead, out of desperation, she sashayed and swayed around it, like a bar pole.

Again, unfortunately, nothing happened. (Giggles ensued.)

When out-of-character (OOC) discussion, the players decided to peek the notes given by the Storyteller, it read as, "B-O-O-K-OF-I-N-V-I-G-O-R-A-T-E-S!"

What utter ruckus indeed!


6/28/05 04:16 pm - zetweaker - Staff of Gingerblight: Excerpts and Adventure Synopsis

Race to the Isle of I’hlsa
(Adventure synopsis with Raziel)

Raziel arrives in Covenwick, from months of sea travels. Rides another boat, the Vessel of the Vassals, and travels to a faraway island-peninsula.

On the high seas, Raziel eyes another oncoming boat, draped with flags showing red knives; apparently, a chance encounter with pirates and cut-throats. The vessel in which Raziel took had a captain in dirty white turban, barking loud orders, "Men ready yourselves. They're here again." He glances at Raziel, "Red daggers! Cut-throats! They want another loot!"

Raziel retrieves his long sword and his poisoned kukri knife, prays a little chant to Bello. He waits at the glaring heat of the afternoon sun. He waits for a bloody metal-to-flesh, ripping spill.

The other boat's sail wavers, flapping wildly about. The oncoming boat's thick hull rams into the Vessel of the Vassals, crashing and creating one gaping hole from within. Then, from the hull's body, tiptoeing through the thudding gangplank, came four men with red tunics and turbans with the criss-crossing Red Daggers insignia. Skirmish ensues.

They engage fight with the men. Some threw themselves overboard for fear.

Raziel fights single-handedly against the Red Daggers. He cuts down the man to his right and notices the ruse of the captain's eyes. It was a blood-curdling moment as he saw the rogue captain walking calmly to the other ship, greeting the Red Dagger captain with a "hey-dee-hoe!" as they tug, with their hands, simultaneously at their whiskers.

As Raziel gazes his eyes, sharp as his kukri, on his charging opponent, rage unsheates in his dilations, on the rogue captain and the three men following after him. Suddenly, Raze walks towards the gangplank (to his right; the main hull is to his left standing underneath), towards them, a guy cuts through his path from the right, zigzags his own sword, altogether in a fit of fear and gallantry combined -- right towards Raze's chest, but he quickly dodges the puny strike --

... charging and threatening with his knife, Raze, with one final blow of his kukri, slashes upwards the man's Adam's apple; a fresh virulent bloodgush flowed from it. With equal footing to his left, he spins a right sweep with his long sword to block the two men's knives now plunging at his chest...

Raze swathes his long sword to the two men, cutting across their swarthy bellies. But the guy, from the middle, attacks him with a blow right on his Elven shoulder. He trips off, and he instinctively ducks at his faltering step...

The bearded man (behind the first guy who attacked Raze) charges with his long sword, edges to Raze's belly with his two hands, the latter parries the attack, in an underhand upswing.

The point of the kukri catches him at the groin and continues it upward, slashing in a follow-through motion.

The men behind Raze, apparently the remaining oarsmen -- about seven of them, Raze didn't see the rest including the master oarsman, shudders at the sight of his "atrocity," stands pale and freezes in one corner... swords dropped, mouth gaping... The Red Daggers crumbles to the ground just as the last swish of Raze's upward motion of his deadly kukri, feet in L-stance, waits for one slight move.

Vessel of the Vassals was holding too much seawater, from the earlier ramming of the Red Daggers boat.

Raziel engages the rogue captain and the pirate captain of the Red Daggers. He defeated them and he asks a lanky guy, named Sharky, a page of the rogue captain to guide him towards the nearby island. Raze sees a map and he points it, for the boy to guide the ship, to the Isle of I'hlsa.

Darkness clawed helplessly across the skies, forming like an ominous dragon's talons. He was bleeding profusely from the fight.

Raze arrives at the lone wharf of I'hlsa. It was raining hard. Raze loses track of Sharky. Catamarans swaying abruptly by the sudden gush of wind, on one wooden port, he sees, from the corner of his eyes.

6/24/05 02:59 pm - zetweaker - Storytelling (RPG) Characters

(in order of Adventure Appearance in the current KoN's Chapter 2: The Fall of Tiamash)

A precocious human youth with a slight build, somewhat stooping posture, and a face like a ferret. His dark-brown hair has been pulled back from the face, tied with a thin black ribbon. Tilted, melancholy gray eyes give off a hint of either uncertainty or mischief, and his constantly pursed lips reveal a desultory smile. Actor/Player: grimweaver.

World-weary Tyrion is a half-Elf and half-vampire fighter who is a fugitive under Scorv’s current rule in the Kingdom of Navage. He has a big bounty after his head. At an Elven age of 450, he has been to battles from home and afar. Due to his silent disposition and reluctance of introducing his real name, he has earned “The Nameless” as his notorious epithet. Actor/Player: Meldz.

A sacriligious artisan. Dashing 18-year old Myrrhin is a feisty girl who serves strong allegiance to Merathor, together with Tyrion, she escaped from Scorv's citadel in the Lake City. She is a Pelrene or Yawner (devotee). Actor/Player: nigatsukodomo.

Raziel ‘Raze’ Raz’Khan (Clan Raz’Khan, Darkwood Elf)
Raze is the First of the Nation of The Black Sun. The First are an elite corps of assassins trained specifically for high-profile assignments and other assignments of equal importance and nature. The Nation of the Black Sun is one of the biggest assassin guilds. Ragravin “The Wolf” Mordethrel, former general of the Imperial Army of Cenera, founded the guild in the city of Drohan during the uneasy time called The Age of War, about five thousand years ago. He was loved by his followers, and hated and grudgingly respected by his enemies. The Nation is considered the best assassin guild among all of the Ceneran Empire, the Twin Seas and the Outer Desert, and commands the highest prices. Various private individuals, as well as governments have employed the Guild’s services. It is even said that more than half of the wars all over the world have been started, and ended, at the hilt of the Black Sun Wolf’s blade (“Wolf” is the name a professional Black Sun Assassin is called by, perhaps an affectation in honor of the Nation’s founder).

Raze belongs to a long and proud line of Black Sun Wolves (on both sides of his family). Born and raised in the Arjuna Province Chapterhouse, of the kingdom of Emet. Has three older brothers (one dead), four younger sisters and brothers. His father, Mandriel Raz’Khan is the current leader of the Arjuna Chapter. Altonandriel, Raze’s great-great-great-grandfather is of noble birth and was once the general of the forces of the Darkwood Elves during the War of the Wolves. He was stripped of his rank and sent into exile when he predicted that the only outcome would be defeat. He drifted into Arjuna, and earned a living as only he can, as a man of war and death. And oh, he was right. The Darkwood Elves were nearly wiped out because they did not listen. Evanderiel, Raze’s mother is an elf who left her clan to seek adventure. She was born in the Gray Wood, which borders the westernmost edge of the kingdom of Sorena and continues on to the Blue Mountain ranges. She is an assassin as well.

Raze is olive-skinned (which quite unusual for an elf, but excellent for hiding in shadows), and often conceals his ears by wearing his hair unbraided. With his ears hidden, the only giveaway is his deep, haunting purplish (for light pupil; and black for darkest pupil) eyes that make you feel like you are looking through two windows into the spirit. He has the rare quality of being unnoticed, even in large crowds where elves are rare. Because of this aura, most people forget him or could not describe him in passing. Actor/Player: jootz.

Red-haired human straggler into the Village of Bur. No one’s certain from whence she came from. Naepynth is a neologism from the Greek word, nepenthes, meaning “no,” or “not” (ne; see un-) and penthos (grief; related to pathos). It is an Egyptian drug mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey, capable of banishing grief or trouble from the mind.

Naepynth speaks a strange language unknown to the lands and with seemingly questionable sanity. An old, bald lady took pity on her naïve disposition and took her in. She is a Visceran mage, but with no memory or awareness of the magic she wields. She can, however, surprisingly manipulate strange powers under duress with vague recollection, and even understanding of her actions.

It has become evident though that she has powers of healing and discernment. She plays the harp at sun down; a melodic soothing tune that brings nostalgia and calms the troubled mind. Every first quarter phase of the moon, she goes into deep waters not returning for three days. Actor/Player: musidora.

A six-foot-seven inches tall human barbarian from the noble Horum’s tribe. With his troupe's light moments and even some grave mishaps, this burly character never fails to push them in high energy. Actor/Player: codevx.

Ariastama Katinar (presumed dead after she lost her way in the Cavern of Stamus)
Meaning “wicked kitten,” Ariastama is a Gray Elf aging around 130-150 years old with blonde hair and purplish eyes. She was a very disturbed child who grew up in one of the Gray Elves communities, flourishing in The Tanyer. People, including her parents, view her as a problem child – constantly getting into sundry troubles. Her vicious madness started when her parents were murdered right in front of her by Scorv’s dreaded Darklings, his Moroks (foul creatures of the dark). Inevitably, this gave her a twisted motive as she went into places in search of “a great power,” hoping one day, it will ultimately help her defeat her parent’s killers, and seek revenge to everyone who threatened her life in misery. Unfortunately, this does not help cure her madness. Actor/Player: roma0428.

AræmaT is a mid-40’s Myrharpian citizen. A human, he was birthed from long walks to the forest, of humble Visceran parents. He was orphaned at the age of 13.

His years developed into a concentrated communion of thought, intuitive perception, and sensory abilities. He has an affinity for artistry, music for one; as much as academics; from “strange stones” to pouring over annals, times and cosmic cycles of the Hesperunian calendar, and to his constant search of a divine connection. His skills include stick fighting, the control of fire, esoteric pursuits on herbs and potions – among others. AræmaT, too, is a culinary master.

He is fixated by the deep timbres of the violin (so entranced that he yields to it in an almost soulful surrender). He can convey willful thoughts to others, as well as he can read theirs. This was passed on to him from his mother. His father crafted for him a stick — the size of a gnarled, small twig — that bore his name in minuscule markings and can be pocketed away. Little is known of this “generational gift,” however, it has been rumored to grow in peculiar lengths and only AræmaT can wield it.

AræmaT has long dark hair with occasional threads of silver, in differing lengths. His eyes are blue-grey, with a language he will sometimes unknowingly bare.

After his parents' died (his father fought against those who forced conversions; his mother, in solitude), he continued his quiet pieties to H'rakot, Achreo, and Vessard, though he sought not the confinement to one single ‘belief system.’ (He has a special curiousity for the burdened goddess of the skies.) He came and settled in Tanyer for a time, in I'hlsa, before he arrived at the city of Draugh, and finally mastered his arts at the famous recreational grounds of Urnray. Actor/Player: willower.


6/24/05 01:43 pm - zetweaker - Myrharp Cultures and Customs

In High and Low Places
(The Kingdom of Navage, from the Lands of Hesperune)

The Kingdom of Navage, from the Lands of Hesperune

Rippled and warped inwards, Navage sits in the bosom of Hesperune. Bordering and trapped within the islands and continents of these mythical lands, Navage is an island peninsula forming into a crude nautilus which the sea continually chews the central portions of its large shoreline rock formations. Far to her northeastern is the dreaded Ocean of Fire.

Myrharp has two major cities and six smaller regions called RedTowns. The rise of humanism has made her reminiscent of Archoane where the cultures and customs have been adopted predominantly during that time. The city has a Magis (high lord) with a ruling council under him, whereas the towns have Mayors. City craft guilds and other merchant guilds are common not only regulating the prices, demands, quality, and other economic aspects, but for the care of alms houses, the orphans, victims of ill-fortune, and the widows.

There are five basic privileges called Myrharpian Charters:
• Right to tax and tolls of farms, guilds, and other minor organizations collected by town officers and to pay the Magistrates of the two cities an annual sum;
• Right to personal freedom, a minimum of one year stay is conferred through a runaway serf;
• Right to hold their own courts of trials and other proceedings of cases within the regions’ jurisdiction.
• Right to organize own defenses, including patrol of the walls and the training of milita.
• Right to tenure and its protection of conveyance (will or deed of sale)

Most houses in the towns are combustible, with lanterns and candles, except those city dwellers that brought their luxury with them -- who reside there. City church bells mark the passage of time. Filth, bad smells (garbage problems), and fire are constant hazards. Most cities are noisy and occasional crimes are often reported.

Cities and Towns of MyrharpCollapse )

6/18/05 11:01 pm - zetweaker - The KoN Pantheon

The forces of nature were the first objects of fascination, at least, which ushered Man’s devotion to their wrath and terror. The beginnings of time, The entire cosmos plunged into darkness, unleashing a chaotic expanse of nothingness. There in the raging silence and invisibility only one god evoked his all-encompassing power… This self-generating god made love, gave birth, was unpredictable in all sense, and fought his divinity with, often, cruel incarnations of himself.

Major and Minor Deities of the Lands of HesperuneCollapse )

6/18/05 10:50 pm - zetweaker - Raziel Raz'Khan the Assassin

Raziel Raz’Khan gazed, his haunting purplish eyes revealed a "lost" intuition, into the vast waters stretching towards strange horizons. Big nimbus clouds traced the last grip of the subsiding storm, that noon, as they slowly rolled from the Blue Mountains. The tangent formation carved like a plow and the dreamy pale green waters greeted to an expansive view… past Navage, a land which he hasn’t seen before. The farthest of clouds whitened the skies; silently, their ominous celestial columns passed away, revealing the hazy radiance of the sun.

Where am I? There was no inkling of reason. Spending six months aboard the perils of sea travels wasn’t clear enough of his long-standing drifting from Arjuna Province. Just like Evanderiel. I wonder where she’s now.

Bereft of answers in this strange place called Covenwick, he strode towards her busy wharf. He was, for mostly, unnoticed in the brisk surroundings, amid the clutter of huge wooden crates and the traffic of merchants selling their goods.

An online player's synopsis: My officemate's Elvish character in one of our random tests during WORKING hours!Collapse )

6/18/05 10:31 pm - zetweaker - A Beginning of the Neverend: The Shadow Remains

Hesperunic Pilgrim, a Pelrene, a Yawner or Faner

Remain true, remain in us, O master of all Ascend;
A new beginning will come, in the times of the Neverend.
Wise men will wither themselves, into the folds of Legend.
yet Faith builds our lands, Hope we become strong, doth Transcend.
-- A prayer inscribed at the Great Stone Wall by the Light Pilgrim of the Crest Fall.

THERE IS A LEGEND of "The Frozen" who died a mysterious death after an evil high priest summoned a dragon and cast a powerful spell of “immortal death,” in a long-lost era called Archoane (Ar-kyu-wane). The Frozen were previously called as Dolniors, seventeen sages of might and magic (a group comprising humans, elven and the dwarven ancestry) who once ruled the Kingdom of Navage in her time of widespread fame and prosperity.

(Archoane was a time of rebirth; a flowering of the arts, literature, and a beginning of modern science – a Dawning Age which spanned for a hundred years.)

Of these seventeen legendary men and women, their exemplary reputation became a household name throughout the Lands of Hesperune. They ruled the land with the unwavering scepter of egalitarian law. However, their religion is a powerplay of consequences, using magic to extol the merits of their rule. The Kingdom of Navage became a mighty and prosperous land; a mecca of races, cultures, the thriving arts and the knowledges, and noteworthy of all – her conflicting religions. The religious disputations were dictated by magic and public opinion is ushered through both intellectual and political strata.

Navage in a nutshellCollapse )


6/18/05 10:27 pm - zetweaker - The Insistent Invitation That Got Away (With It)

first invitation
You Are Summoned. The ass kickery invitational e-card that
summoned mages (read: RPG freaks and masters) in Metro Cebu which,
eventually, paved way to the realism of this ongoing storytelling romp.
Sent out, via email, last November 4, 2004 at 9:54AM PST.

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