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Hilarious Quips / Famous Outtakes of KoN (Chapter 2)

Allow me to short cut my way in from the blog doldrom. Here are some of our in-game silly remarks while playing the Kingdom of Navage (KoN). These lines were taken from June 25 and July 2 sessions subsequently.

1. "C'mon that's easy. They're just twenty-four of them."
(Semirys whooping up everyone's morale -- to bravery and beyond! -- upon seeing 24 heavily armed men, including their two captains, from the hillsides.). grimweaver plays Semirys.

2. "My magical stick is unbreakable!"
(Araemat taunting his opponent with his resizable twig, growing into a quarterstaff during actual combat. The enemy wields two broad swords ready to slash him.). willower plays Araemat.

3. "Ok, this I'll do: I'll release my power, that blinding streaks thingee at them, then... wait! Wait, Storyteller! I'll hide first behind Semirys' back!"
(Naepynth having blatant ramifications.). musidora plays Naepynth.

4. "It's a queer moon!"
(Semirys trying to convince everyone after seeing a last quarter moon that looks like a dragon's smouldering red eye, peeping in and out of view in the dark clouds.).

5. "Oh, look! It's a drag-on!"
(Justin the Palladin reacts after he hears a loud, discordant flapping and swooshing of mountain-sized wings overhead.). roma0428 is Justin of Longshard, the Palladin.

6. "This is a kick-ass undead!"
(Storyteller automatically claiming the singled-out "zombie" after its likes were scorched by Myrrhin's firepower. Call it "last undead standing!").

7. "If I can know the name of the dragon, can I control it?"
(Myrrhin trying to flirt the Storyteller. A-ha!). Ex-nigatsukodomo is Myrrhin.

8. "Can I make the zombie cough?"
(For lack of a greater spell needed to overcome the throng of the town's undead, in Tiamash, Semirys attempts to control the desperate situation.).

9. "Can I throw fire at the fire-breathing dragon?"
(Araemat sincerely asks and gathers enough convincing information from the group.).

10. "I run. And run. Since the horses don't like me."
(It was very dark in the plains. The remaining Legion of Life spotted a humanoid, however, larger-than-life human in form, breath and bent, running in the gloomy landscape whilst carrying the lantern enough for them to track, wherever he goes; till that larger-than-life humanoid pants in exhaustion.

Six-foot-seven-inches tall Bardonna the Barbarian, from the noble Horim's Tribe, however, accepts his inevitable fate in the darkness catching up his party, fleeing and galloping on their horses.). codevx is Bardonna (name taken from grimweaver's hapless neologism for a 'Barbarian Madonna.').

Plus this incomparable bonus. Nobody beats this:

Naepynth ultimately, with pride, sheer belief and without error, shouts the incantation, finally -- "Book of Immigrants!" -- while shoving and uncontrollably shaking the magic artifact to the hearth, to activate the exit magic words from the THAWROFNAL (Tower of Null in the Boulder of Truth). The troupe watched at her, at the supposed artifact, at each other, then back to her, in amazement, as nothing significant took place, REALLY!, after she uttered those words. Then she wields the Staff of Gingerblight and whirs it around her head.

Nothing happened.

Instead, out of desperation, she sashayed and swayed around it, like a bar pole.

Again, unfortunately, nothing happened. (Giggles ensued.)

When out-of-character (OOC) discussion, the players decided to peek the notes given by the Storyteller, it read as, "B-O-O-K-OF-I-N-V-I-G-O-R-A-T-E-S!"

What utter ruckus indeed!

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